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How to ​identify and fix hazards through a job safety analysis

The idea of having someone closely watch your employees as they work while making notes on a clipboard sounds scary for the participants being viewed, but that’s what happens during a job safety analysis (JSA). This process helps to reduce injuries and illnesses by:

  • Taking a very close look at the steps involved in the job

  • Identifying the hazards in each job step

  • Recommending ways to eliminate or control the hazards

Recognize the steps … and the hazards

It’s easier to identify a job’s hazards when you look at each small step involved.

Breaking up a job into smaller steps may not be as easy as it sounds. The person who does the job — or the people who do the individual components of a finite process — should help explain it. Each step should be focused on a single action, but it shouldn’t be so small that it doesn’t represent a core component of the job.

Some of the hazards you might find during a JSA can include:

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