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What to Do in the First 30 Minutes of a Worker Injury

Letting employees know you care is the key to reducing costs and instilling a positive safety culture.

What do you in the first 30 minutes of a worker injury? Do you have a plan?

Workplace injuries are a major cost for employers, and mitigating the incident from the moment it happens can have lasting effects, says Ken Wells, president of Lifeline Strategies.

At a cost of $60 billion per year to companies across the United States, action should be taken immediately. The most important thing is to take care of the worker and get him/her the help they need.

"You need to make sure the worker message is, 'we're going to take care of you, and you're going to be okay,'" Wells explained.

There are 10 steps a safety manager should take after an injury occurs. View the slideshow by clicking here to see what Wells said should be done.

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