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Contractor Nailed for $93k in OSHA Scaffolding Violations

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OSHA recently fined a Pennsylvania stucco contractor for the second time in two months for scaffolding violations. For this recent inspection, the contractor is facing a $93,000 penalty.

On November 25, 2015 an OSHA compliance officer witness employees of BC Stucco and Stone working about 18 feet above ground on a scaffold with major safety deficiencies. OSHA investigated the contractor’s Bear, DE, worksite and hit the company with one serious and five willful violations for failure to:

  • fully plank and deck scaffolding

  • provide a safe means of entry and exit on scaffolding

  • provide guarded edges on scaffolding

  • provide guardrail systems on scaffolding

  • provide scaffold-related safety training by a competent person to each employee, and

  • require employees to wear head protection while conducting stucco operations.

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