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2018 OSHA Fine Increases go into Effect

The Trump administration has OK’d the annual automatic increase in OSHA fines. How much will they go up?

A willful OSHA violation can cost up to $129,336 starting Jan. 3, 2018. That’s an inflationary increase of just over 2.04% from the previous $126,749 max.

In August 2016, OSHA fines increased 78 percent. That was the first increase since 1990. They increased slightly again in January 2017.

The bill that allowed the 2016 and 2017 jumps also allows annual inflationary increases. However, the government can also reject those increases.

Besides the new maximum willful penalty, these changes also take effect:

  • serious violation maximum: $12,934 (previously $12,675)

  • other-than-serious maximum: $12,934 ($12,675)

  • repeat maximum: $129,336 ($126,749)

  • posting requirement maximum: $12,934 ($12,675)

  • failure to abate maximum: $12,934 ($12,675), and

  • willful minimum: $9,239, ($9,054).

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